SmaertBox Assembly Video

SmartBox Drawer Systems Assembly Video of Samet Company

Vividly intelligent...

SMART BOX Slide components move simultaneously, which results in improved drawer functionality where smooth and silent openin-closing movement is guaranteed. Due to developed by latest technology synchronization system, the drawer exceeds all the quality requirements set by furniture designers.

Soft Closing / Easy Opening
Perfect design of SMART BOX Drawer Systems, balance movement features and state-of-the-art technology soft close mechanism allow end user to utilize the drawer with ease and enjoy at the same time style and functionality of living space furniture. Independent from drawer’s weight, it performs opening and closing function very smoothly, which simplifies drawer utilization and adds a touch of innovation and comfort to the living space. SMART BOX Drawer Systems' technology, with high loading capacity, has globally proved its quality after being certified by LGA, one of the most important standardization institutions in Germany.

Safe Locking Mechanism and Adjustment Options
A locking mechanism in a drawer is required to improve safety of drawer systems. With the help of this new generation locking mechanism in SMART BOX, along with the aesthetical look and easy utilization design can now be created with high level of safety. SMART BOX upgraded adjustment mechanism, with high tolerance level, was designed in consideration of both, user's and producer's convenience. It offˆers easy and accurate installation during specially designed furniture production .

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